Arizona Flycasters Club Fall Sweepstakes

AFC would like to thank all of you that participated in the Sweepstakes for the Bauer fly fishing reel.
All the profit from the sweep stake will go toward our community outreach & conservation projects.

The Winner is AFC member Gary Miller

What's new at AFC?

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Each Wednesday, 7:00 pm Arizona Time various fly-fishing experts will join us to share their knowledge and expertise.  Jason Randall, Landon Mayer, Chris Taylor, Jeff, Currier, Duane Redford have joined us. Click below to join in the fun and information exchange.  Coming soon will be online education opportunities.




Interested in back country Angling.  AFC is starting a new group to attract those that have a passion for getting off the beaten path.  We have two offering:

  1. Training hikes to get yourself in shape to handle the more strenuous activities, and
  2. Facebook Group to connect with Back Country Fly Fishing anglers.
  3. Social gatherings.

 Check out the AFC Online Channel for recorded Speaker's Videos.

What's coming up:

  • May 27, Ed Engle - Colorado Fishing
  • April 3, Chris Rich - When that fishing passion virus
  • April 10, Jim Strogen - White Mountains

 Looking for training trail hikes to get in shape? Below are a links to Phoenix/Scottsdales Trails.

What's Happening:

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with the largest Fly Fishing organization in Arizona, committed to:

  • Fly fishing education,
  • Fly fishing opportunities,
  • Bring you speakers that are the leaders in the industry in the sport of fly fishing,
  • and committee to serving the community in the sport of fly fishing.

 Check out Fly Fishers Internationals Online.



Fly Tying, Casting, Rod Building and techniques

Fishing Outings

Lakes, High Country Streams, Destination Trips

Monthly Meeting

Top Fly Anglers from around the country.


AFC Partners & Affiliates

Meet your 2020 Board of directors. Be sure and introduce yourself.

Chris Rich

Vice President

Chris has been a passioneret fly fisherman since age 3. He has just joined the board this year, so well and thank Chris for his service.

Don Mickus

Vice President

Don has been a member of AFC for more years than folks can remembers. Served as Treasure and Vice President

Brady Busby


Brady in new the Phoenix Metro are and a skill rising guide.

Carla Lemon

Carla Lemon

Outing Chair

Chair has move to Arizona from California the past year and has become an active and valuable volunteer.

David Mayl

Education Chair

David has been a member of AFC for many, many years. So say he taught Peter how to tie flies.

Bill Laudenschlager

Bill Laudenschlager

Program Chair

Craig Mernitz

Fundraising Chair

Phil Davies

Membership Chair

Glenn Davis

Community Outreach