Steve Berry, Fishing in Yakutat Alaska

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August Speaker - Steve Berry, August 8

Steve is an Arizona native and has been working part time in fly shops around the valley for years.  When he can get away from his full time job, he is an avid angler and there are not many weeks that go by where he does not sneak away somewhere to go fishing.

Growing up in Phoenix, Steve spent many days fishing with his family. However, it wasn’t till he moved back to the valley from Flagstaff when a friend introduced him to flyfishing 21 years ago.  Little did he know how deeply he would become involved in the industry nor the places flyfishing would take him.

Besides spending lots of time fishing and camping in the high country of Arizona, Steve has fished in Colorado, New Mexico Utah and Montana just to name a few of his favorite western states. A few years ago, he had his first chance at saltwater flyfishing in Belize. He has been back every year since and left more than one sore lip on a fish.  A few years ago, he even made it down to Brazil to catch some big Peacock Bass on the fly.

Steve often hosts trips and when in town can be found teaching classes, doing presentations, giving casting instruction or just talking about the great fishing around the state. If you run into him on the water, be sure to say hello.

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