Patrick Givvin started fly fishing in his teenage years on in June Lake, CA. His folks had a home up there since 1990 so he spent a lot of time in the Sierras practicing and enjoying the sport.

He continued fly fishing into adulthood. He joined Santa Monica Fly Fishers in 1995 and was the outings coordinator. He continued to fish as life changed with marriage and kids. He was a member of several other fly fishing clubs in LA and Ventura County. Over the years he has enjoyed not only fishing on the rivers, but float tubing as well.

Pat’s His sister lives in Bozeman, Montana and he visits her once or twice a year,of course to visit, but somehow he gets on the Madison river to float for a few days. For a number of years Pat organized group pack trips into the back country of the Sierras to explore new lakes and rivers to fish. Lots of friends and family enjoyed the experience.

Pat attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University. He has a nineteen year old daughter and has been working in sales in various industries over the years. He  has always been actively volunteering in the community with numerous nonprofits.