Lees Ferry Plan Headed for Catastrophic Impact on the Trout Fishery

Published by John Doss on

As mentioned in the December newsletter, the National Park Service (NPS) is in the process of a public scoping for the Non-Native Fish Control Environmental Assessment on the Colorado River at Lees Ferry.
Attendance from the angling community at a Phoenix December 12th public meeting affecting the trout fishery at Lees Ferry was very positive. 
The next critical step is the submission of comments by the public on the proposed plans by January 5th.
Briefly, the EA includes elements having a damaging impact on the Lees Ferry trout fishery and the businesses and guide services dependent on that fishery.  Submitting your comments is the only way to protect and support the fishery.
The Park Service is proposing a wide range of actions, including electrofishing mechanical removal of brown trout, for controlling or eradicating non native species that may pose a threat to native aquatic species.  Except for mechanical removal of brown trout in Lees Ferry/Glen Canyon the other proposed actions would not impact the trout fishery.
The Environmental Assessment proposes electrofishing mechanical removal in Lees Ferry/ Glen Canyon with “long-term, intensive and repeated electrofishing”.  Collateral damage to the rainbow trout fishery from mechanical removal  on the proposed  massive scale will be unavoidable.

This action would have a catastrophic impact on the quality of the Lees Ferry trout fishery, the welfare of the local community, and the regional economic benefits tied to the fishery.  We strongly oppose the action of mechanical removal of the brown trout and ask that you do as well. 

By submitting your comments in opposition to mechanical removal of brown trout in Glen Canyon you will affirm angler support, demonstrate the importance of the Lees Ferry trout fishery, and provide direction to the Park Service for acceptable alternatives in the EA.
Please submit your personal scoping comments using the link  at: https://parkplanning.nps.gov/commentForm.cfm?documentID=84099.

Commenting using the provided email form is easy and fast.  Your personal view is what’s important in commenting, particularly what having angling opportunities available mean to you and what the Lees Ferry trout fishery represents to you.

You can use, or don’t use, some of the reasons above or whatever is consistent with your view.
There will be organizations submitting comments but individual comments are equally as important in putting the Park Service on notice to not unnecessarily jeopardize the Lees Ferry trout fishery.
Additional information about the plan and comment period can be found at:
The comment cutoff date is midnight January 5, 2018.
Your comments will make a BIG difference!