How does the Calendar work?

The AZFISHBOOK calendar continues to evolve.

The following tutorial will help you learn to navigate this


The calendar now shows all the fishing events you may be interested in. Many of us belong to several organization and this gives us an opportunity to see all fishing events in Arizona at a single glance.

Here are the highlights from left to right:

Calendar at top left,

  1. Right and left arrows advance calendar period by period based on view (week, month).
  2. Next, down arrow to the right of month  (i.e. January in example to your right) displays a date selection option.
  3. This will help you navigate to the specific period you are interested in.

Next top right,

  1. Click printer symbol launches a popup for you to customize a print view.
  2. Next, you may select a calendar view (week view, month view or agenda/list view).
  3. Next, click the down arrow far right top (and this is the newest feature)

Listed are 5 different organizations.  These are all incorporated into the Arizona Combined Calendar view.  To hide or show various calendars just click the check box beside the organization.  For example if you don’t want to see AZGFD events just uncheck the AZGFD check box.  To show them again, recheck the check box.

Give it a try.  Give us your feedback.

Combined Calendar