Movie Night Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012 – JULY 12, 7:00-8:45pm

Published by John Doss on

Due to a our speaker having some medical procedures this week we have adjusted our program’s topic to present the Fly Fishing Film Tour 2016.  AFC will also be providing soft drinks and popcorn.  So come on out and enjoy the evening.

Luckily for us fans of fishing flicks, the guys and gals that make these movies keep raising the bar. This was the most competitive submission season we’ve ever had and we had to say no to several films that we really liked. The quality of the best films we received this year is simply a cut above anything we’ve ever seen before. With backdrops ranging from Bolivia to Saskatchewan, Montana to Virginia, Patagonia to the Seychelles, these films feature fresh, dynamic stories amongst some of the best fishing footage that has ever been shot. Period. From the hunt for the world’s largest brook trout to the pursuit of billfish on the fly, gargantuan pike, acrobatic golden dorado, ferocious GTs and herculean BC steelhead these films showcase.

Author Travis Lowe