Dead Horse Recap

Recap by of Roger Cahoon

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It was nice to interact with those we knew and meet some new people! Weather and fishing was very good Thursday and Friday weather took a turn Saturday but fishing still was good just had to work a bit harder.  We had no idea who was staying in the park unfortunately as we had nice fires on Thursday and Friday night.  All were notified by each other as to our campsite which all of them came by  on Saturday regarding the potluck which was supposed to be held at 2:00 and had to be called due to rain. A  Happy hour was held at 5:00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and on Saturday was abruptly moved under cover due to rain!  Pauline  & Gene dropped off some ribs as they were headed to Blazin M Ranch for dinner which they invited all to attend.   Alan, Bill & Karla were headed to  Arizona Stronghold Winery.

Those that were in attendance for the weekend at Dead Horse that we talked to:

  • Bob & Kathy Bowers  (Past President);
  • Phil & Diane Wagner (Past Board Member)
  • Dennis & Nancy Lockett (Past President)
  • Jim & Leslie Boerner, daughter and son in law, Kathy ,David and kids Max and Jack
  • Richard & Jan Girard  (Past board member)
  • Steve & Lisa Berry (AFC Outing Action Team)
  • Gene & Pauline Hecklar (AFC Welcome Action Team)
  • Jackie Vasquez (AFC Outing Action Team)
  • Karla Lemon (AFC Outing Chair/Committee Lead)
  • Jerry McGuinesss
  • Ted (didn’t give us his last name)
  • Alan Davis
  • Bill Laudenschlager (AFC Programs Chair)

Check with Steve Berry and Jerry McGuiness claimed he caught 100 fish.

So sorry Cliff was ill but nothing could change the weather forecast.