Bruce Williams – FFI Certified Caster

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Bruce Williams

Certified Casting Instructor/Fly Fishers International

Thursday, September 13, 7:00 PM
Sunnyslope Community Center

John Doss, Programs Chair
Former AFC board member and treasurer Bruce Williams will be here to discuss Fly Fishers International (FFI) and what it brings to AFC.

FFI has been an organized voice for fly fishers around the world since 1964, representing all aspects of fly fishing – from fly tying and casting to protection of the natural systems that support healthy fisheries and
their habitats so essential to our sport. Today, FFI’s mission to ensure the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters continues by focusing on conservation, education, and a sense of community.

A certified casting instructor, Bruce also will share some thoughts on
the fine art of casting and techniques that will help improve your
game. Join us on September 13 for an informative program with Bruce.