Chris Taylor – Fishing the world’s most rewarding trout fishing experience,the San Juan River

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What is a Fishead?

    Fishead; (Fish-head) noun-title  Person or persons who spends all their time thinking about, dreaming about or in the pursuit of fish.

The San Juan River

Located in the picturesque northwest New Mexico, the world renowned San Juan River is known for providing some of the world’s most rewarding trout fishing experience. The San Juan is a constant producer of both rainbow and brown trout, averaging 16 to 18 inches and many reaching much larger lengths. Recent studies have suggested that there are more than 15,000 fish per mile in the quality waters of the San Juan!

Chris’ father introduced him to fly fishing at eleven years of age on the waters of New Hampshire.  His interest and expertise grew to the point where, during the summers of his college years, he guided clients for trout and salmon in Alaska.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, and not sure what avenue to peruse, he received a phone call from a friend in Telluride, CO to guide on waters local to the areas.  After guiding the San Miguel and Dolores rivers for two years he went south to the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico and started guiding on the world renowned tail-water, working as a guide for a local outfitter.

In 2000, Chris started his own guide service, Fisheads, realizing an ambition that has sat in his mind for a number of years.

After nine years in business, Fisheads of the San Juan became the premier guide service on the river servicing clients from all over the world.  The quality of the Fisheads experience was recognized on a national level when Fisheads was named by Orvis as Guide Service of the year for 2008.

In April of 2011, Chris opened Fisheads San Juan River Lodge, complete with a restaurant, “The Back Cast Café”, fly shop and lodging to complement his guide service. Fisheads is now the premiere full service Lodge and Outfitter on the San Juan River.

A presentation by Chris will certainly increase your knowledge, whet your appetite to fish the San Juan and entertain you.  It is a “not to be missed” presentation.

The presentation will be in two parts.  The first being the river restoration project underway on the San Juan.  The river is experiencing lower flows than in the past. Though it is still considered one of the top tail waters in the country, concerned fisherman and guides, along with fish and game took steps to keep it that way. There have been four separate projects completed and others in the works for the future.  The success of these projects has surpassed everyone’s expectations. The areas where work has been done now hold more fish and insects than in the past. The presentation will cover these projects from start to finish.

The second part of the presentation will focus on nymph fishing.  Fly selection, rigging and presentation will all be covered. You will look at nymph fishing with a whole new attitude.

Come see hear some fun and educational stories, see some great photo’s and learn more about the sport of fly fishing and the famous San Juan River.