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Dear Bristol Bay supporters,
In a matter of weeks, we will learn if Pebble will get its key permit to advance in Bristol Bay.
Given the urgent timeline, some big advocates from across the political spectrum have called on the President to stop Pebble now. We are working hard to build the momentum urging the President to deny Pebble’s permit application.
We can use your financial support to make this work possible at a critical time. Please donate today.
A few weeks ago, former chief of staff for Vice President Pence, Nick Ayers, and Donald Trump Junior tweeted their opposition to the project. Today, they gave us an update:

Then, tonight, Fox News host Tucker Carlson spent his segment talking about Bristol Bay and the need to stop Pebble with CEO of Bass Pro Shops, Johnny Morris.
No matter your political affiliation or preferences, the spotlight on Bristol Bay right now shows that Americans from all walks of life agree Pebble mine is the wrong mine in the wrong place.
Right now, your financial support will help us ensure the President hears the strong case, from all angles, that Pebble’s permit must be denied. Donate today to help safeguard Bristol Bay.
While these high-profile tweets and segments on Bristol Bay are steps in the right direction, Bristol Bay isn’t safe yet. We've been able to get here thanks to your generosity and support, but we need some help to push Bristol Bay to safety- can you commit to helping Bristol Bay?

Our staff are working on all levels - fighting the EPA in court, directing fishing and hunting businesses to channel their influence for Bristol Bay, and organizing supporters across the political spectrum and country to speak up. We aren’t taking our foot off the gas, and we hope you’ll help.
Thanks again for your support for Bristol Bay, and if you have any questions about our work or the campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me or other Trout Unlimited staff.
Bristol Bay Organizer- Trout Unlimited

P.S. If you can’t give today, you can still help by signing and sharing the petition to the President with friends and family.

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