Willow Beach Trout Hatchery Reopens

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-1-44-01-amAfter being shut down for nearly three years, the US Fish and Wildlife Service Willow Beach Trout Hatchery was reopened and became fully operational this October. Fingerling trout and eggs are now on station and the first crop of catchable size rainbow trout will be released later in 2017. Three years ago a vital pipeline failed to deliver the cold upstream water to the hatchery. Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) entered into agreements to stock trout during the interim period and championed the reopening of the hatchery (together with Senator McCain, Representative Gosar, and Mohave County). In exchange, the US Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to supply two million triploid rainbow trout eggs to AGFD annually for five years, and to supply AGFD with 160,000 Apache trout eggs for 10 years. The guaranteed supply of Apache trout eggs is vital to the successful recovery of this threatened native trout.

AFC Conservation Chair
Eric Swanson