Volunteers Needed

by John Doss, Communications and Membership Chair

Would you like to help the club but aren’t sure how you could help? Concerned you don’t have the right skills? Or maybe you would like to learn new or improve existing skills? Well, we have a lot of

opportunities for all our members to get more involved and help. Membership in AFC offers a complete tool kit of information to make you a better angler, as well as great opportunities to support the club, the sport of fly fishing, fisheries, and conservation. These volunteer opportunities do NOT require html or te-chie expertise. Here are just a few of the areas in which we could use your help:

  •  Website subject matter administrators (includes editors who would edit website blog areas and contributors who would search and supply content from around the fly fishing universe). 
  • Event management administrator (coordinating events on Eventbrite and updating our combined Google calendar)
  • Facebook administrator (posting articles on Facebook)
  • Fishing Buddies moderator (reviewing and updating Fishing Buddies)
  • Newsletter, bulletin, and survey administrator (preparing email communications and incorporating our newsletter into digital format on Constant Contact)
  • Membership database administrator (adding to and updating our membership database)

These roles would not be time consuming and would allow you to work with the Board chair ultimately responsible for that area (i.e. Education, Outings, etc.).

Your help in any of the areas mentioned above would really strengthen our ability to support our mission. Typically, our efforts are not limited by available funds, but rather by having a limited number of  volunteers who are willing to help. Spending a few hours a month would be a great investment for both you and our club!