Testimonial – David Mayl

P4100125Fishing buddies or how to make new friends on the water

Fishing buddies is a replay of a program (that was started by Dario Travino and Doug Benford depending  upon who you talk to) operating about  10 years ago

Today with the ability to do fishing buddies on the bulletin board, I believe it’ll really blossom something we can all use

I put a post up on the fishing buddies bulletin board. I simply said, I’d like to go fishing and I plan to go fishing at the San Juan river on April 7 through April 11 anybody that’s interested please call me at my home phone number

It was that easy to set up a post. I received twelve responses over a two week period.
Dick Kennedy called about  three  days before the trip and said he would like to go and I said of course. It does not take a lot of planning or organization, just post. when people call, tell him, when you’re going where you are going and how to meet or if you’re driving together.  Where o make motel reservations.

Some of us fished together and some only fished with a friend. However  we all tried  to meet for dinner at either Abes or Fisheads.

I encourage everyone to think about using fishing buddies if they are considering taking a day trip or just meeting up at a local lake or driving up to the White Mountains for a day or  a couple nights out

Give  it a try, you might make a new friend  You might even end up fishing with someone that is very experienced and can teach you something.