Scouting on the Fly

complete-angler-patchThere has been much discussion about AFC’s scouting involvement.  Many say we don’t get a lot in return for our investment in the scouting program.  At first blush they are correct, there are little to no membership application coming from those events.

However, as I look around the room at the volunteers that are participating.  Many have their roots steeped in the Scouts.  Kyle Smith Membership Engagement Manager, Trout Unlimited is a classic example.  Scouting is where he got his first exposure to fishing.  He indicated to me scouting was key to he career development related to fishing and water conservation.  Though the teen age years distractions of girls and cars had him moving away from the activities for a few years, he is now back involved with a vengeance.

Other examples in our club are Tom Potter, Alan Davis, Ed Cocca and myself.  All served time in the scouting program as kids or leader as young adults.

My conclusion is maybe our program needs more commitment rather than less.  Maybe the approach we have taken is in need of some evolution.  Below is an article I found that may shed some light on the topic.

A Call to Action for Tomorrow’s Anglers
by Scott Hunter Founder of Vedavoo Gear.