Presidents Lines – August Newsletter

Hello AFC members. It is August and hot, hot, and more hot here in the Valley. It is the time of year to match the hatch in the White Mountains and start planning for fall fishing. I can’t wait. We are getting some great pictures on AZFISHBOOK; keep those pictures coming, especially the ones with the kids.
Rob Kuhfuss has lined up another great program this month with Jake Jaeger from AZGFD. Jake will be at our August 11 general meeting to discuss the restoration work that has been done at Canyon Creek over the last couple years.
San Juan update: Currently 32 members have signed up for the October outing. Eventbrite has been a tremendous success; thanks to all who have used it.
Thanks to Rob and LuAnn Kuhfuss and the entire Annual Banquet
committee. I am pleased to report they have secured a new venue for the 2017 Annual Banquet and it will be AWESOME. We will make an announcement at the August general meeting.
Our Librarian Bob Sickles will hold a huge book sale in December. Anyone who would like to donate books for the sale should contact Bob. Fly fishing books are coveted, especially in areas of fly tying and rod building, but a good read is a good read, so clear out the closets and please donate if you can.
I leave you with another quip that I find amusing:
We ask a simple question And that is all we wish: Are fishermen all liars? Or do only liars fish? 
~William Sherwood Fox
See you at the August general meeting.
Jim Rondoni
AFC President