Peter Stitcher is an Aquatic Biologist and Chief Fly Geek at Ascent Fly Fishing

Sunnyslope Community Center|
802 E Vogel Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phoenix, AZ
7:00 pm – 8:45 pm

1st Talk:
Entomology 101- On the Water & In Your Fly Box

Talk Description:
Join Aquatic Biologist Peter Stitcher for a journey through the life cycles of aquatic insects on the water and in your fly box.  In this talk, the participant will learn the defining characteristics of Midges, Mayflies, Caddis Flies and Stoneflies on the water, the identifying features of each life cycle, as well as the different types of fly patterns that we tie to match through the life cycles.  We will also discuss how to identify each of the major trout foods as they fly over the water just by observing their distinctive flight patterns.   After this talk, the participant will be able to quickly and easily identify the naturals on the water, and match that hatch!

2nd Talk:
How Match the Hatch in 2 Minutes & Hack Hatch Charts

 Talk Description:
Join Aquatic Biologist and Fly Fishing Geek Peter Stitcher as he guides you through the PAUSE Method of matching the hatch, highlighting the 5 areas on and around the river that the angler can quickly observe to match the day’s hatch and choose the best fly patterns. He will then teach participants how to read between the lines of the traditional hatch chart so that the angler can begin to anticipate which flies will work year round on target waters, and ensure the right files are on hand before you get to the river.

Peter Stitcher is an Aquatic Biologist and Chief Fly Geek at Ascent Fly Fishing and River Oracle. Approaching the sport of fly fishing through the lens of a biologist, Peter strives to break down the sciences of entomology, fish feeding behavior, stream dynamics, and fish habitat use in order to equip the fly angler with an insider’s knowledge and biologist-crafted fly selections to help them experience greater success on the fly.