July General Education – Mark Pearlstein, Balanced Leech

July 19, 7:00 PM
Sunny slope Community Center

Our education class this month will show you how to tie a deadly Balanced Leech.

Our guest instructor will be Mark Pearlstein. Mark has used Balanced Leeches with great success in the ponds and lakes of Oregon.

Balanced patterns are becoming very popular among still water anglers. Philip Rowley told us about the unique features of balanced patterns in his presentation to our club last year. The Balanced Leech (Minnow) is designed to fish under an indicator. The concept is to get larger flies to ride horizontally in the water

under an indicator and not up and down like a midge. This helps the fly imitate leeches and minnows swimming in the water. It is tied on a 60-degree jig hook and incorporates a straight pin or brad in which the bead is secured to balance the fly. Smaller size 8 flies are called balanced leeches and larger size 4 flies are referred to as Balanced Minnows.

Balanced patterns can be used on many different types of flies. We will tie a simple Simi Seal-type leech. You also could use a balanced technique on flies such as the Arizona Peacock Lady, Woolly Bugger, Woolly Worm, most any leech pattern, and quite a few of the popular wet fly patterns. In addition to showing you how to tie this style of fly, Mark will give tips on how the fly should be fished.

The club will supply all the materials you need. If you need tools or a vise, the club will have them

available. If you have questions, give Ron a call at 602-867-8820.