Step 1 – Purchase Members $35.00, good for the entire family.

Step 2 – Please fill out the membership application with your contact information and if you can assist in any of our events or programs.

Complete and submit

Step 3 – Be sure to complete the Waiver form.  It is required for our insurance to cover you incase of an accident at one of AFC’s events.

Download and return




New members will still need to sign and return the Risk & Waiver form (click link to download) because our insurance requires that we have that on file.

or Join/Renew by Mail

Complete Membership Application and Risk & Waiver form.  As mentioned, our insurance now requires requires we have this on file.  Renewing members do not need to submit the Risk & Waiver Form.

2) Mail the forms and $35 to:

PO Box 47357,
Phoenix AZ 85068