January General Meeting

Chris Cantrell, AZGFD

Chris Cantrell, is the Aquatic Branch Chief for the State of Arizona. He received his B.S. in biology from Northern Arizona University in Zoology.  As the chief of Fisheries, Chris ensures over 13 million dollars and over 90 fisheries and fishery related staff continue the protection and management fisheries populations and their habitats, while ensuring quality fishing opportunities for present and future generations. Chris has served in this role for the last five years. Chris was first hired on with the Arizona Game & Fish Department as a fisheries biologist in 2003. Over the past fourteen years in Arizona, Chris has had the ability to work on all aspects of fisheries science from high mountain trout work, to lake management, and all canyon bound rivers and streams in between.

I will address and provide copies of the Coldwater Vision.

The Department conducts millions of dollars on aquatic conservation dollars annually. The coldwater vision for Arizona’s fisheries gives a backbone and direction to the conservation projects we implement on the ground and assists in communicating those to the public. By focusing our conservation dollars, we can move the needle in becoming a nationally recognized state for coldwater fishing opportunity.

John Rohmer and Glen Knight –

The White Mountain Lakes Foundation is dedicated to improving Arizona’s White Mountain fisheries through grass-roots conservation, restoration and protection efforts.  WMLF is a 100% non-profit organization.  All the money raised goes directly to improving fishing in the White Mountains area.  Our goal is to increase the fishing opportunities for today’s anglers and to ensure future generations are able to enjoy great fishing in the White Mountains of Arizona.