For Sale 1940s bamboo rod is a 9 foot, $225

1940s bamboo rod is a 9 foot, three-piece with 2 tips
Posted for Jim Schultz. This beautiful 1940s bamboo rod is a 9 foot, three-piece with 2 tips, has been totally reconditioned by me. It is in excellent condition. Tips are the correct length and straight. A new beautiful blue agate stripping guide has been added. New snake guides which are covered in blue wrappings. Rebuilt panel using cork of the period. Original real seat and winding check. Ferrules are original as it is all of the cane (bamboo). One tip’s taper is slightly differentby just enough so this rod handles either as a 5 wt. or a 6 wt. line depending on which tip you choose. This would be a great rod for the San Juan. When I fish for trout, bamboo is what I use. I like the slower more relaxed feel, the way the line lays out on the water and what it feels like when I hooked a big trout. The rod bending all the way to the handle.
A lot of care, work and time were put into this rod. I am asking what I believe is a fair price for the condition, materials and time I put into it.
See Jim Schultz or call at 623- 399-6844