Fly of the Month June 2016 – Copper John

Copper Johncopper-john

  • Hook: 2xl size 12-16
  • Body: Copper wire in natural, red, black, green, silver
  • Bead: Copper size appropriate for hook
  • Wing case: Mylar with epoxy covering
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Thorax: Peacock herl
  • Weight: Lead wire as option
  • Legs: Hen feather
  • Tail: Goose biots
  • Head: Thread

1. Begin by pinching down the hook and placing the bead on the hook before placing the hook in the vise. If the plan is to weight the fly, this would be the time to make 8 to 10 wraps of lead wire on the hook and push the wire under the bead. Start the thread just behind the bead and wrap back to the bend of the hook. Select two biots, even the tips, and tie them in so they point away from each other and are about the length of the fly body. Wrap over the biots up to where the thorax will be and trim the excess. At this point, tie in the copper wire and wrap back over it to the base of the tail and then wrap the thread back up to where the wire was tied in.

2. Take the copper wire and wrap forward in smooth tight wraps to form the body to a point where the thorax will begin. Tie off the end and trim the excess. Next tie in the mylar strip and hang it off out of the way for now. Take three or four peacock herl pieces and tie them in by the tips. Advance the thread to just behind the bead and let it hang. Take the peacock herl and wrap a large thorax up to the bead, tie off the ends, and trim the excess. Take the hen feather and strip off a number of the barbles to be used as the legs for the far side of the fly, tie these in so they extend back about half the length of the body, secure, and trim any excess. Repeat the same process for the near side of the fly.

3. Take the mylar strip and bring it over the top of the thorax, tie it off right at the bead, and trim the excess. Whip finish the thread and trim off the rest. The final step is to mix up some epoxy to put on the mylar as a small bubble. Once the epoxy has cured, the fly is complete and ready to fish.