Fishing Event Listing


Luna-Lake-Sunset-500x334The following is a list of upcoming fishing activities from various fishing clubs as well as opportunities posted on fishing buddies. Each event has a code that reflects the organizer.   Arizona Flycasters Club Events & Arizona Flycasters Destination Events are club events and limited to Arizona Flycasters Members.  Fishing Buddies events are scheduled by individuals and are not sanctioned AFC event.

 Participate at your own risk.

Desert Flycasters Events are subject to DFC rules, so check with DFC for membership requirements.

If you know of an event that is not listed let us know by posting it to the Fishing Buddies moderator 

AFC – Arizona Flycasters Club Event
FB – Fishing Buddies Non-Club Event
AFC D – AFC Destination Event Club Event
DFC – Desert Flycasters Club Events
WMLF – White Mountains Lake Foundation Events