Disco Midge 

disco midgeHook: Short curved, size 12-22
Thread: Black, white, olive, or red
Body: UV crystal flash in gray, red, clear, or olive
Rib: Silver wire extra small, fine
Thorax: Peacock herl
Head: Thread
1. Place the debarbed hook into the vise and start wrapping the thread just behind the eye.
2. Tie in the wire and two or three strands of crystal flash at this point and wrap the thread over them into the bend of the hook.
3. Wrap the thread up to the starting point and let it hang.
4. Take the crystal flash and wrap it over the thread base to form the body of the fly, making sure to cover all of the thread in even wraps. Secure and trim the excess.
5. Wrap the wire in even, open wraps over the body of the fly. Secure the end and trim the excess.
6. Take a single strand of peacock herl and tie it in by the tip. Make several wraps around the fly to form the collar, tie off the end, and trim the excess.

7. Wrap a small, neat thread head. Whip finish and cut the thread.