Wyoming 2017 – Grey Reef Anglers


AFC’s General meeting with Jason Randall Gallery

Jason Randall spoke at the Arizona Flycasters and Desert Flycasters meeting the past week.  Fantastic presentation.


Azflycasters Club Instagram feed

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Submit your photo gallery fishing stories

In partnership with AZFISHBOOK, AFC is implementing a photo gallery  to share our photos and fish stories.  Sharing your fishing stories and photo is a great way to interact with other club members.

How does this work?

With your smart phone or tablet take a picture or upload a picture to your computer from your camera of choice.

To participate you must have a facebook or and Instagram account.

(For instructions on setting up a facebook page click here.)
(For Instructions on setting up Instagram click here.)

Several options for sharing.  The key is the hash tag #afcazfishbook.

  • Share photo on Facebook.  On your phone click “Share”, select “Facebook”, and in the post message type “#afcazfishbook” and any message or story you what to share.
  • On Facebook upload a photo from your computer.  In the post message type “#afcazfishbook” and any message or story you what to share..
  • If you use Instagram, click share, select facebook, In the post message type “#afcazfishbook” and any message or story you what to share.

If you want to share it further, then you can share those pictures and stories on Facebook with AZFISHBOOK, Arizona Flycasters, Zane Grey Trout Unlimited, Arizona women of Trout Unlimited or any other groups, pages or friends you like.

So join in the fun and social network with your fellow club members!


Ben Sheridan completes AZGFD Trout Challenge

Ben Sheridan of AFC  last year  was the 3rd person to complete the wild trout challenge, but the 1st who didn’t work for game and fish.  Ben also was informed he was  the 2nd person to complete both, but again the 1st who didn’t work for game and fish.  Attached are my submissions of fish pictures.

Congratulation Ben.

The Rondoni Rod and it’s magic.


Wally and I went fishing up to silver creek Tuesday and Thursday and a I used the camo rod I won.  I caught about 8 nice rainbows, mostly on dry flies.  They put up quite a fight, testing the rod:) I caught the most on a ~size 12 foam rubber legs ant.

Connie Richards

2016 Banquet Photos

Thanks to all the people who came out to help set up the banquet, man registration table and raffle ticket sales table. Thanks to all the contributors of raffle prizes, as well as, the great deserts table.  And a special thanks to the Banquet Committee of Brad Norgaard, Marti Cahoon and Brad Johnson.

Also thanks to all of you who contributed by purchasing raffle tickets.  As mentioned this is one of the club’s highlights of the year and you all make it possible.

Thank you for the AFC Board.

Youth Camp Gallery