May 12th General Meeting – Duane Redford

Duane Redford
If This, Then That – A Systematic Approach to Fishing Your Home Waters
Welcome back to Duane Redford!  Duane Redford, a professional fly fishing guide, spends the majority of his days guiding on the South Platte River below Deckers, Colorado and on the Eagle River near Minturn, Colorado. He began his fly fishing career fishing the Rocky Mountain West, and has been toting a fly rod for better than four decades.  As a retired teacher and coach, Duane has a unique, systematic approach to the river that he has used as the basis of his guiding for the last ten years.  This systematic approach, derived from guiding countless days on highly pressured, technical waters, has been refined over time, and is easily understood.  When he’s not guiding, Duane spends his time teaching fly fishing classes, blogging, speaking, and writing.  When he’s not teaching, writing or guiding, you’ll find him on the river.
Join us at the AFC general meeting on May 12th for Duane’s latest presentation, If This, Then That – A Systematic Approach to Fishing Your Home Waters.  If you are not able to make the AFC meeting on May 12th, Duane will also be appearing at the DFC meeting on May 11th. 

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“Veterans and inner-city youth share similar troubles. But they also have one important thing in common: the healing power of wild rivers. Getting outdoors onto protected, public lands inspires hope in both groups. It inspires hope in all of us. Let’s conserve our lands and our waters for generations of today and tomorrow.” – Chad Brown