Youth Camp Gallery

2009 Net Building Class

You probably recognize a few faces.  Hard to see but Ron Robinson is hiding in the back, I see Ron Rosenlof and our current President Jim Rondoni kneeling in the front row.  Hey there is Connie Sullivan and Paulette Roth.

How many folks can you name?

Net Building

Courtesy of Jon Wallace
This was held at Apollo High School with Ron Rosenlof as our host.  It may have been one of the first classes.  We had 12 members at a time for 3 nights.  We had a good group of volunteers to help with each task and also assigned to members to walk them through the process.
  • Night 1, the members laminated 5 strips of thin wood, ( already cut to size by Ron Ronselof ) to jigs using rubber bands to clamp the strips together to form the hoop.
  • Night 2, removed and cleaned up the hoop, cut the handles to shape and size, then glued the 2 parts together.
  • Night 3, the handles were sanded and then routed with a round over bit.  A “v” groove is cut in the outside of the hoop, then measurements made to drill holes to attached the net.  At the end of the third night, members had a finished raw net.  They had to lacquer the wood, and then were provided net material to sew in.
There were many variations on handles, some brought wood from trees in their yards, others used exotic materials such as Cocobolo and Purple Heart.
Great time for all involved.

August 2-6 Livingston, MT

IFFF-Logo-horizontal-web-sm-SMThe International Federation of Fly Fishers will hold the 2016 Fly Fishing Fair in Livingston, Montana from August 2 though 6. Classes, both paid and free, will be held on those days, and the Exhibit Hall will be open August 4 through 6. Classes include all types and levels of casting and fly tying, and some not so related to fly fishing. The Exhibit Hall features fly tiers and vendors, all very willing to share their time and knowledge. Check the website for more details.
A note from last year’s trip: Lodging in Livingston sold out in the weeks leading up to the event. Norm Johnson and I stayed in Bozeman, about 30 minutes away.