AZGFD adjusts trout stockings in some high country fishing holes

azgfd-logo180x150PHOENIX – The Arizona Game and Fish Department will be adjusting trout stockings in some high country lakes to enhance opportunities for fishing adventures and to protect wild trout populations and important trout fishing resources.

AZGFD is adjusting some trout stockings due to a few of Arizona’s state and federal fish hatcheries having tested positive for Bacteria Kidney Disease. The Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) pathogen is specific to trout and salmon, and in some cases can be lethal to trout and salmon. BKD does not affect humans. ==>read complete Article

From Eric Swanson

Wading Safety

From Trout Unlimited’s Doug Agee, Doug wrote:

wading-safetyI was sent an article this week about wading safety written by David Humphries. David is the owner of River Traditions, which is one of TU’s business partners. You have likely seen River Traditions listed as a fundraising vendor.

The main point David made is that in all the great information that can found in magazines, wading safety seems to be mostly omitted. You can find David’s blog post on Wading Safety on  I can’t help but wonder if wading safety is to too closely related to ego and pride to make the lead articles.

I know I have gotten a bit wetter than planned on more than one occasion. I use a wading staff when I am not sure of the water I’m fishing and it is with me most of the time. There have even been a few instances when it helped my fishing buddy too.

I think it would be great if we, as leaders add wading safety to our dialog. Please share how you promote wading safety in your conversations. If you have a program or presentation on wading safety in your chapter, please share that too.

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Arizona Wild Trout Challenge – Apache Trout

by Tyler Coleman

Just getting to a stream that holds native Apache trout (Oncorhynchus gilae apache) can require a lot of work, as Tyler Coleman found out on a recent trip. Found only in headwater streams high in the White Mountains, the state fish of Arizona requires pristine habitat, including cold, clean water and undisturbed, forested banks. After precipitous population declines in the first half of this century, the species has made a remarkable—although still ongoing—comeback.====>Read More