General Education Class — Baby Damsel Fly Nymph

May 17th, 7:00 pm
Sunnyslope Community Center

It’s damsel time! This month we will teach a simple yet VERY effective damsel fly nymph, Brian Chan’s Baby Damsel Fly Nymph. It’s a good damsel fly imitation and also takes trout feeding on scuds and leeches. It’s very simple to tie, using only marabou, gold bead, and wire ribbing. Minor changes in the marabou color, bead color, tail length, and weight will give you quite an arsenal for still water fishing.

Ron will supply all the materials from his “stash”. Bring your fly tying equipment. If you need a vise and tools, the club will make them available. If you have questions, give Ron a call at 602-867-8820.

Ron Robinson

Testimonial – Luna Lake Lunker

FullSizeRender23.5 X 4.75lbs. Snow, Wind and cold on Saturday. Make Lopez and Sally Petre, Arizona Game and Fish Biologists measured the fish. The winner donated the prize money back to us to help teach fly tying to kids. The fish was caught on a black wooly bugger off the shore in the shallows. Everyone had a great time and will return for next years tournament.

AFC – July 22-24 – Big Lake Rainbow Campground


From July 22 through 24, the club will be at Big Lake in the White Mountains. Located at about 9,000 feet elevation, Big Lake offers needed relief from the scorching temperatures in the Valley. The lake is heavily stocked throughout the summer and has a good population of winter holdovers, thus offering the angler a chance to catch a trophy trout. Club members have already started making reservations in Rainbow Campground (around site numbers 48 through 65). You are responsible for making your own reservations, which can be made at This is a very popular area, and I can’t stress enough that you should make reservations early, as in now, to be part of the adventure! If you don’t find a site in Rainbow Campground to your liking, there are other campgrounds at the lake, and there are many fine accommodations to be had in the surrounding communities of Greer, Alpine, and Springerville/ Eagar, all a very short drive from the lake. In addition, to help us understand who is attending, if you could register online with AFC at, we would appreciate it. Our potluck is scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 PM depending on weather (check with other AFC members about the potluck). This is a popular outing every year. I hope you join us!

AFC – August 26-28 – Woods Canyon Lake


From August 26-28, we will be at Woods Canyon Lake on the Mogollon Rim for our annual Crawfish

Festival. The club has reserved Crook Group Campground Loop B. For those planning on spending the weekend, there will be a $23 camping fee. If you can’t make it for the entire weekend, this outing makes a great day trip, as Woods Canyon Lake is only two hours north of the Valley. If you choose to come up for the day, the fee is $5 per carload. Space is limited for weekenders, but there are still nice spots which can be reserved online at Eventbrite or at the general meetings.

As part of our annual tradition, we’ll harvest crawfish from the lake and make the “mud bugs” taste like a shrimp cocktail. What they do to the aquatic environment is the bad news–the good news is that they are delicious! We will do our best to eliminate as many crawfish as possible and feast on the bounty! Hope to see you all there. This is a great outing for the whole family!

To get to the campground, take Highway 87 out of Phoenix to Payson. Turn right (east) on Highway 260 out of Payson. When you reach the top of the Mogollon Rim, turn left on Forest Road 300 at the Woods Canyon Lake turnoff. Follow Forest Road 300 about 3 miles until you reach Forest Road 105 (entrance to Woods Canyon Lake). Turn right and immediately turn right again into the Crook Group Campground.

Special Note: If you sign up on Eventbrite @  for the Crawfish Festival or the October San Juan trip, you will be entered to win a raffle prize at each of those outings!

Navajo Unit Forecast for Spring Operations- April Update

alertIf you are planning a trip to the San Juan River in May be award.
Bulletin: Information related to the San Juan River.

Hi All-

I’m looking at a pretty similar forecast as March right now, a 3-day ramp up starting in mid-May, 33 days at 5,000 cfs, and a 2-week ramp back down. The start date is still up in the air, just waiting to see what the Animas does, but I’m still guessing mid-May is a good bet. I’ll update in a couple weeks…..

Susan Novak Behery, P.E.
Hydraulic Engineer
Western Colorado Area Office
Durango, CO

April 7, 2016

The April update to the most probable forecast for the April – July modified unregulated inflow volume to Navajo Reservoir is 530,000 acre-feet, a decrease of 40,000 af since the last forecast. This is 72% of the 30 year average. Snowpack above Navajo is currently 82% of average. Navajo reservoir current content is 1,445,000 acre-feet, which is 85% full (75% of active storage). Current reservoir elevation is 6067.4 ft. A dry spring has contributed to the falling forecast.

As per the 2016 Interim Operations at Navajo Reservoir, releases will be made to target the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program’s (SJRIP) recommended baseflows of between 500 cfs and 1,000 cfs through the critical habitat area. The target base flow is calculated as the weekly average of gaged flows throughout the critical habitat area. The reservoir will be operated to target an end of year storage level between 6050 ft and 6063 ft. Water over this target will be made available for a spring peak release.

The most probable forecast results in spring peak release beginning in mid-May with a short 3-day ramp up to 5,000 cfs, 33 days at 5,000 cfs, followed by a 2-week ramp back down to the base release. The shape and timing of the hydrograph may change and will be coordinated with the SJRIP to balance recovery program benefits with potential flood control and operational safety. During spring operations, releases from the Navajo Unit will be made in an attempt to match the peak timing of the Animas River to maximize the peak at the San Juan at Four Corners gage while remaining below the US Army Corps of Engineers safe channel capacity of 5,000 cfs between Navajo and the confluence with the Animas in Farmington, and 12,000 cfs downstream of Farmington.

Projected spring operations will be updated with revisions to the forecast and are highly dependent on tributary flows throughout the San Juan River Basin. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Behery at 970-385-6560 or

Sign up to be notified Fishing Buddies Meet-ups

AZFISHBOOK-box-250-fishbook1Periodically Fishing Buddies organizes weekly meet-up at various venues.

Current Meet-up

Weekly Casting Practice Meet-up
Wednesdays, though-out the summer
(open to the public)

The time in April has been 10:30, however this schedule will change as summer heat move in on us.

We meet on the north side of the lake.  Typically has been 4 to 6 people, but hopefully this will expand.  So come on out and refine you casting skills.  If you are a beginner or old pro just want to keep you skills tuned come on out.  Member of AFC, interested in learning Fly Fishing or just want a test drive, come on out.

In addition other social meet-up events may be scheduled.  If you are interested in being notified via email fill out the form below and I will send reminders for time, place and date (if could be a moving target over the summer, check event schedule before attending).

Drop me an email at

The Rondoni Rod and it’s magic.


Wally and I went fishing up to silver creek Tuesday and Thursday and a I used the camo rod I won.  I caught about 8 nice rainbows, mostly on dry flies.  They put up quite a fight, testing the rod:) I caught the most on a ~size 12 foam rubber legs ant.

Connie Richards