Testimonial by Ben & Amity Sheridan

amity-beckerMy wife Amity and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Becker Days in an effort to support the White Mountain Lakes Foundation.   It was a wonderful time for all, with many there hooking into the always strong fighting beautiful Rainbows, and even a couple of the newly released Tiger Trout.  Amity hooked into this fish that did everything in its power not to come to the net circling the boat on more than 1 occasion to the entertainment of those around watching us.

Ben Sheridan completes AZGFD Trout Challenge

Ben Sheridan of AFC  last year  was the 3rd person to complete the wild trout challenge, but the 1st who didn’t work for game and fish.  Ben also was informed he was  the 2nd person to complete both, but again the 1st who didn’t work for game and fish.  Attached are my submissions of fish pictures.

Congratulation Ben.

Fly of the Month June 2016 – Copper John

Copper Johncopper-john

  • Hook: 2xl size 12-16
  • Body: Copper wire in natural, red, black, green, silver
  • Bead: Copper size appropriate for hook
  • Wing case: Mylar with epoxy covering
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Thorax: Peacock herl
  • Weight: Lead wire as option
  • Legs: Hen feather
  • Tail: Goose biots
  • Head: Thread

1. Begin by pinching down the hook and placing the bead on the hook before placing the hook in the vise. If the plan is to weight the fly, this would be the time to make 8 to 10 wraps of lead wire on the hook and push the wire under the bead. Start the thread just behind the bead and wrap back to the bend of the hook. Select two biots, even the tips, and tie them in so they point away from each other and are about the length of the fly body. Wrap over the biots up to where the thorax will be and trim the excess. At this point, tie in the copper wire and wrap back over it to the base of the tail and then wrap the thread back up to where the wire was tied in.

2. Take the copper wire and wrap forward in smooth tight wraps to form the body to a point where the thorax will begin. Tie off the end and trim the excess. Next tie in the mylar strip and hang it off out of the way for now. Take three or four peacock herl pieces and tie them in by the tips. Advance the thread to just behind the bead and let it hang. Take the peacock herl and wrap a large thorax up to the bead, tie off the ends, and trim the excess. Take the hen feather and strip off a number of the barbles to be used as the legs for the far side of the fly, tie these in so they extend back about half the length of the body, secure, and trim any excess. Repeat the same process for the near side of the fly.

3. Take the mylar strip and bring it over the top of the thorax, tie it off right at the bead, and trim the excess. Whip finish the thread and trim off the rest. The final step is to mix up some epoxy to put on the mylar as a small bubble. Once the epoxy has cured, the fly is complete and ready to fish.

Volunteers Needed

by John Doss, Communications and Membership Chair

Would you like to help the club but aren’t sure how you could help? Concerned you don’t have the right skills? Or maybe you would like to learn new or improve existing skills? Well, we have a lot of

opportunities for all our members to get more involved and help. Membership in AFC offers a complete tool kit of information to make you a better angler, as well as great opportunities to support the club, the sport of fly fishing, fisheries, and conservation. These volunteer opportunities do NOT require html or te-chie expertise. Here are just a few of the areas in which we could use your help:

  •  Website subject matter administrators (includes editors who would edit website blog areas and contributors who would search and supply content from around the fly fishing universe). 
  • Event management administrator (coordinating events on Eventbrite and updating our combined Google calendar)
  • Facebook administrator (posting articles on Facebook)
  • Fishing Buddies moderator (reviewing and updating Fishing Buddies)
  • Newsletter, bulletin, and survey administrator (preparing email communications and incorporating our newsletter into digital format on Constant Contact)
  • Membership database administrator (adding to and updating our membership database)

These roles would not be time consuming and would allow you to work with the Board chair ultimately responsible for that area (i.e. Education, Outings, etc.).

Your help in any of the areas mentioned above would really strengthen our ability to support our mission. Typically, our efforts are not limited by available funds, but rather by having a limited number of  volunteers who are willing to help. Spending a few hours a month would be a great investment for both you and our club!

Let’s Put the Fly in Fly Fishing

BY Ron Robinson, Education Chair

At our last general meeting there was a brief discussion on fly selection when fishing moving waters. I was asked if we might give a class on this subject. My response is, “Why spoil all your fun?”

If just having the “right fly” was the only thing needed to catch a lot of fish, our sport wouldn’t be much fun. There is more, much more, to fly fishing than fly selection. Remember, fish are much less expensive at your local grocery store, but the fun is missing.

If you really want to understand selection, fishing techniques, fly construction, etc., you need to spend some time reading and “doing”. To that end, I have listed a few books that will help you get started or improve your current knowledge base. There also are hundreds (thousands?) of good YouTube

presentations if reading isn’t your thing. The club also has several DVD’s that will help your quest. We will use our September fly tying classes to help with construction and understanding how flies fit into the fish diet. For now, here are three books that I highly recommend:

  •  Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods, by Dave Whitlock
  •  Handbook of Hatches: Introductory Guide to the Foods Trout Eat & the Most Effective Flies to Match Them, by Dave Hughes
  • Stillwater Presentation – A Fly Fisher’s Comprehensive Guide for Planning and Executing a Presentation System for Catching Stillwater Trout, by Denny Rickards

Just remember that there are a lot of “right flies” out there. The more you study our sport the more you will find.

General Education Class — Jim Schultz/Caterpillar Flies

General Education Class — Jim Schultz/Caterpillar Flies
June 14, 7:00 PM
Sunnyslope Community Center
Ron Robinson, Education Chair

Our education class this month will feature Jim Schultz showing us how to tie the latest editions of his

family of caterpillar flies. Jim’s latest editions are easier to tie and even more effective on the water.

The class will be held at the Sunnyslope Community Center on June 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Make plans now to attend so that you can tie some of these great flies for the San Juan or your next trip. Bring pen and paper to take notes. This will be a great opportunity to get questions answered by the maker.

It’s always great fun to hear what Jim has to say about fly tying generally, and the class also will improve your overall understanding of fly fishing. Oh, by the way, Jim’s flies also are great on our local ponds and lakes. See you there.

If you have questions, give Ron a call at 602-867-8820.

NAU Scholarship Fundraiser June 13, 6:00 PM Yogurtini

NAU Scholarship Fundraiser
June 13, 6:00 PM
Yogurtini at 59th Avenue and Thunderbird Road

It is time for our next Yogurtini fundraiser! Your purchase benefits our NAU Scholarship Fund.

The camaraderie with fellow AFC members and delicious yogurt will be worth the trip. Join us on Monday, June 13, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, at

Yogurtini in Glendale, on the northwest corner of 59th Avenue and Thunderbird.


President’s Lines June 2016

Hello AFC members. I want to officially welcome Barb and Brian Fayle as our new Hospitality Co-Chairs. We are very excited to have them on the Board. They will be the first faces you see at every monthly meeting so please stop by and introduce yourself.

The hot weather has finally arrived and will be here until October. Time to take your fishing gear to a new destination, whether it’s north to the Rim or White Mountains or west to San Diego. Please make sure to send your pictures to John Doss so they can be posted on the website. We’ll also want to hear your fishing stories at the next meeting.

I came across an interesting bit of history: On June 1, 1933, the World’s Fair opened in Chicago titled, “A Century of Progress”. I cannot imagine what people in 1933 would have envisioned for the next century or how it would shape their and their family’s futures. On January 22, 1962, AFC was founded. For over 50 years, our club has brought many people together.  I can only imagine what the founders and original members would say if they could see us now.

AFC is only as strong as its members. I am very proud of all the hard work by our current members and Board, whose mission is to make the club better tomorrow for all its members and for our community. As President, I will continue to work to make the club better than ever.

From Zane Grey: “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”

See You Next Meeting,

Jim Rondoni
AFC President
president@azflycasters.com, jrondoman@gmail.com