Trico Poly-Wing Spinner

trico-poly-wing-spinnerHook: Standard dry, size 12-22
Thread: Brown 6/0 or 8/0
Wing: White Antron or poly yarn
Tail: Dun hackle fibers or Microfibets
Abdomen: Olive, brown, or black dubbing
Thorax: Brown dubbing
Head: Thread


1. Place the debarbed hook into the vise and start wrapping the thread just behind the eye, wrapping back towards the bend of the hook. Don’t trim the tag end of the threat yet.

2. Take a small clump of Antron and tie in the wings at the front of the hook, using figure eight wraps to secure so that the wings lie flat.

3. Now wrap the thread back to the bend of the hook, keeping the tag end of the thread on top of the hook.

4. At the bend of the hook, tie in several hackle fibers to form the tail. Bring the tag end of the thread between the fibers, splitting them, and tie off and cut the tag end of the thread.

5. Now dub a tapered body towards the wings.

6. Next use the brown dubbing to form the thorax.

7. Form a neat thread head. Whip finish and cut the thread.

Fly Fishing Equipment For Sale

forsale-signContact Dennis Lockett: 602-885-4075

  • St Croix Avid/A793.4, 7’9”, 3 wt, 4 pc fly rod with case $150
  •  Orvis Battenkill BBS II, 3 wt, reel loaded with SA WF3 float line GPX, with second spool loaded w/SA WF4 F/S wet tip T-3 $150
  •  TFO 9’, 6 wt, 4 pc fly rod, TICR Lefty Kreh w/fighting butt with case $160
  •  Lamson Velocity 3, loaded w/SA, 6 wt GPX F/line & second spool loaded w/SA 6 wt sinking line, uni-form IV $260
  •  Sage “XP” 890-4, 9’, 4 pc fly rod, GIII-8 wt $350
  •  Galvan T-8, 8 wt reel, loaded w/SA wf 8 wt float line GPX with second spool loaded w/SA uniform sink wf 8wt line $325
  •  Sage DS-2 G-II, 5 wt, 4 pc fly rod 590-4 with case $140 SOLD 
  •  Clear Creek Fountain II square rod travel case 4-4 pc rods w/4 pockets (blk) $60
  •  Stearns MD#0340 inflatable belt/manual (waist type with Co2 action) $50 SOLD 
  •  Mustang Survival inflatable collar PFD MD #3003/manual type V Co2 action w/Co2 rearm kit $95
  •  Trout Unlimited float tube – TOGIAK (Color Black, Yellow Orange) 350 lb. capacity $125
  •  FishPond wader changing mat – 38’ x 38” size with Velcro ties/wraps $35
  •  Anchor for float tube 1 ½ lbs, w/rope $7 SOLD 
  •  Orvis Wading Tele IV Staff, cork handle $50
  •  Booties, Glacier glove, large, black neoprene with rubber soles $15
  •  Sage zippered duffle bag with separate vented/zippered storage bottom $85

General Education – Dubbing

ron-robinsonOur class this month will feature the huge quantity of dubbing material donated to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and our club by Jason Jones. The class will show what dubbing is available, how to blend/mix it, and how to apply it to all types of fishing flies. You will have the opportunity to make your own blend and tie a simple leech pattern. Ron Robinson will supply the hooks. You need to bring your own tying equipment. We are using Jason’s donation to help generate funds for our local Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program and offer our members an opportunity to purchase unique, quality dubbing at a very low cost. We will be taking purchase orders at $5 per bag. The class will be held on August 16 from 7:00 to 8:45 PM at the Sunnyslope Community Center.

If you have questions, give Ron a call at 602-867-8820.

Fly Tiers Meet Up

AFC Fly Tiers Guild Meets August 24: We have had a number of requests for a VERY informal get together to tie flies of our own liking and share techniques and materials used. Depending on the response, we will meet once a month at the Sunnyslope Community Center from 7:00 to 8:45 PM. The first meeting will be held August 24 with a theme of “rabbit”, which would include just about any type of fly, so bring materials for a favorite pattern and show us how you tie and fish it.

Presidents Lines – August Newsletter

Hello AFC members. It is August and hot, hot, and more hot here in the Valley. It is the time of year to match the hatch in the White Mountains and start planning for fall fishing. I can’t wait. We are getting some great pictures on AZFISHBOOK; keep those pictures coming, especially the ones with the kids.
Rob Kuhfuss has lined up another great program this month with Jake Jaeger from AZGFD. Jake will be at our August 11 general meeting to discuss the restoration work that has been done at Canyon Creek over the last couple years.
San Juan update: Currently 32 members have signed up for the October outing. Eventbrite has been a tremendous success; thanks to all who have used it.
Thanks to Rob and LuAnn Kuhfuss and the entire Annual Banquet
committee. I am pleased to report they have secured a new venue for the 2017 Annual Banquet and it will be AWESOME. We will make an announcement at the August general meeting.
Our Librarian Bob Sickles will hold a huge book sale in December. Anyone who would like to donate books for the sale should contact Bob. Fly fishing books are coveted, especially in areas of fly tying and rod building, but a good read is a good read, so clear out the closets and please donate if you can.
I leave you with another quip that I find amusing:
We ask a simple question And that is all we wish: Are fishermen all liars? Or do only liars fish? 
~William Sherwood Fox
See you at the August general meeting.
Jim Rondoni
AFC President

Canyon Creek Update – Jake Jaeger

General Meeting
Sunnyslope Community Center
August 11th, 2016
7:00 pm – 8:45

azgfd-logo180x150Jake Jaeger of AZGFD will update us on the restoration of Canyon Creek.  Located at the base of the Mogollon Rim, Canyon Creek is well known for its wild, naturally-reproducing brown trout population, supplemented with stocked rainbows, and is designated catch and release and artificial fly and lure only from OW Bridge downstream to the reservation.   Natural Channel Design Inc. created the design plan, and Merritt Construction implemented the work.  The project was constructed in two phases:  the first phase from OW Bridge downstream to the lowermost elk exclosure was completed in March 2015, the second phase from the lowermost elk exclosure downstream to Valentine Canyon was completed in March 2016.  The project included bank stabilization, channelization of flow, and the addition of trout habitat.

Jake will tell us about the success of the project and improved fishery.  He is AZGFD’s Region VI Aquatics Program Biologist and holds a primary focus on native and wild trout.  Originally from Minnesota, Jake graduated in 2010 from Arizona State University with a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecological Sustainability and has been with AZGFD for six years.  Join us on August 11 for an interesting and informative program about the restoration of one of Arizona’s best-known brown trout streams.

Looking for Advice on Fins?

I purchased a small pontoon used boat. I need to purchase some kick fins to use with it. I am looking at on Amazon. I have also seen Some tubing booties advertised by Adamsbuilt that would protect my wader feet.

Any thoughts on these products? Suggestions?

Contact Terry Loyer
Email =>

Looking for a fishing buddy

Retired senior in San Tan Valley looking for trout fishing buddy. Recent import from California. Would like to meet up with someone experienced with trout fishing in Arizona–or someone like me who doesn’t know his way around and we can explore what trout fishing Arizona has to offer.

Send me an email