Grouping Flies

Over the years, I have enjoyed tying many different flies and filling many fly boxes. Each year, I reorganize the flies into groups that make sense to me when I go fishing. I organize my boxes according to fishing location, grouping the flies that I know are effective at a particular location. New members often ask me the types of flies I use for a particular location. Ask a dozen members and you will get a dozen different answers with their recommended fly selections.
For those who are new to fly fishing, I recommend using a small assortment. Here are a few that I would consider. They are available at just about any fly shop and are easy to tie:
Cold water lakes:
  • Woolly Worms (black, olive, and dark brown) in #10,
  • Bead Head Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail in #12,
  • Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear in #12, Prince Nymph in #12,
  • Royal Coachman Dry in #14,
  • Elk Hair Caddis in #14,
  • and a standard Pheasant Tail Nymph in #16 (fished behind the Royal Coachman Dry or Elk Hair Caddis when fishing for rising trout).
Arizona small streams: 
  • Royal Coachman in #14,
  • Adams in #14,
  • Elk Hair Caddis dry flies in #14,
  • un-weighted Pheasant Tail in #14,
  • Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear in #14,
  • and a Bead Head Prince Nymph in #14.

Fly Fishing Equipment For Sale

forsale-signContact Dennis Lockett

  •  St Croix Avid/A793.4, 7’9”, 3 wt, 4 pc fly rod with case $150
  •  Orvis Battenkill BBS II, 3 wt, reel loaded with SA WF3 float line GPX, with second spool loaded w/SA WF4 F/S wet tip T-3 $150
  •  TFO 9’, 6 wt, 4 pc fly rod, TICR Lefty Kreh w/fighting butt with case $160
  •  Lamson Velocity 3, loaded w/SA, 6 wt GPX F/line & second spool loaded w/SA 6 wt sinking line, uni-form IV $260
  • Sage “XP” 890-4, 9’, 4 pc fly rod, GIII-8 wt $350
  •  Galvan T-8, 8 wt reel, loaded w/SA wf 8 wt float line GPX with second spool loaded w/SA uniform sink wf 8wt line $325
  •  Clear Creek Fountain II square rod travel case 4-4 pc rods w/4 pockets (blk) $60
  •  Mustang Survival inflatable collar PFD MD #3003/manual type V Co2 action w/Co2 rearm kit $95
  •  FishPond wader changing mat – 38’ x 38” size with Velcro ties/wraps $35
  •  Booties, Glacier glove, large, black neoprene with rubber soles $15
  •  Sage zippered duffle bag with separate vented/zippered storage bottom $85

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Peter Scafaru

Fly Fishing the March

peter-scafaruCaptain Peter Scafaru, C.I. caught his first fish, a bluegill, at 4 years old on a worm with a cane pole in Ohio.  Thanks, Grandpa!  Boy, was he excited about that fish, and his passion continues for all the species he catches to this day.  Growing up spin fishing and baitcasting, he made fun of his older brother who was dabbling with fly fishing, but found it fascinating and started reading everything he could about it and casting in the pool.   As soon as he got a car he began taking trips every weekend to fly fish the wild creeks of northern and eastern Arizona and spent many summers as a trout bum fishing extensively in Arizona, Baja Mexico, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Monatana, Washington, Florida and Louisiana.  Peter is also an accomplished jazz musician and music instructor and is proud to call New Orleans his home- a place where both the music and fishing is world class.  His knowledge, enthusiasm and patience with all things fishing will make for a great day with any skill level of anglers.  He is excited to get you out on the water and have some fun catching big fish!

Southern Louisiana is home to the richest marshlands in North America and consistently puts up the largest numbers of fish of any state in the Gulf Coast.  Sight fishing fly anglers can target a number of species year round.  Learn the in and outs of tackle, technique, fish species, bait species and flies with a local guide.  Check out Peter’s website at

1940s bamboo rod is a 9 foot, three-piece with 2 tips

forsale-signBy Jim Schultz

This beautiful 1940s bamboo rod is a 9 foot, three-piece with 2 tips, has been totally reconditioned by me. It is in excellent condition. Tips are the correct length and straight. A new beautiful blue agate stripping guide has been added. New snake guides which are covered in blue wrappings. Rebuilt panel using cork of the period. Original real seat and winding check. Ferrules are original as it is all of the cane (bamboo). One tip’s taper is slightly different

by just enough so this rod handles either as a 5 wt. or a 6 wt. line depending on which tip you choose. This would be a great rod for the San Juan. When I fish for trout, bamboo is what I use. I like the slower more relaxed feel, the way the line lays out on the water and what it feels like when I hooked a big trout. The rod bending all the way to the handle.

A lot of care, work and time were put into this rod. I am asking what I believe is a fair price for the condition, materials and time I put into it.  $225

See Jim Schultz or call at 623- 399-6844