Brad Shallenberger, Wolf Creek Anglers

AFC APRIL monthly meeting
Brad Shallenberger-Owner/Guide
April 13, 7:00 pm
Sunnyslope Community Center

Bring a buddy to the April 13th general meeting at 7:00 pm, Sunnyslope Community Center.
Why you ask:
  • Brad Shallenberg will have a great program discussing guiding the gold medal waters of Rio Grande in Colorado.
  • If that wasn’t enough, you and your buddy will receive a free raffle ticket in the special Buddy drawing.
  • If you are a visitor, you will also receive a free raffle ticket.
  • If a visitor or your buddy join AFC, they will receive 6 additional raffle tickets. Equal to a 20% discount on the membership dues of $35.00 membership.
  • There will be a special raffle prize that only the buddies or visitors will be eligible to win.

Some of my first memories are of fishing.  A rod was stuck in my hands about the time I was old enough to cast with my Great Uncle as a mentor.  As a youngster I spent many days chasing trout in the White Mountains of Arizona.  In my early years I wandered Arizona’s trout waters and got to know them.  I got my first fly fishing guiding job while I was working and living in Park City, UT.  I spent my winters on the slopes and my summers guiding anglers on the Weber and Provo
Rivers.  I was in college in Flagstaff, Arizona when I got an offer to guide full time at Lees Ferry for Marble
Canyon Outfitters.  I took the offer and never looked back; having been a fly fishing guide ever since.  I started working summers in Montana for Hubbards’ Yellowstone Lodge.  I instructed their fly fishing guide training courses and took their anglers to the waters in and around Yellowstone.  During this time period I continued to work at Lees Ferry in the winters and spring  for Terry and Wendy Gunn.  As timing would have it
with the birth of my daughter, Bailee, I was offered a job while guiding at Lees Ferry to work for Wolf Creek Anglers in the summers.  I accepted excitedly to
guide on the gold medal waters of Rio Grande during the summers which in
addition to really great fishing, was also closer to home. When Wolf Creek Anglers went up for sale in 2012, I jumped on the opportunity to acquire the business.  Our guides and staff provide knowledge, passion, instruction and enthusiasm to all of our guests for a great fishing day.  Whether you need a few flies or a guided trip, we can get you educated, tackled up and out the door for a great fishing experience.  Just ask Dakus. 😉