2017 Speaker Schedule

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Meeting held on 2 Thursday of each month.
Sunnyslope Community Center
802 E Vogel Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020

The schedule for 2017 programs is going to be another great lineup of great speakers and demonstrations.  Rob Kuhfuss has started the year off on a great note with Chris Cantrell of AZGFD, as well as John Rohmer & Glen Knight from the White Mountains.  To our loss, Rob has decided  to step down as Program Chair due other commitments with family and life in general.  Please join me for a great thanks to Rob for the incredible job he has has done over the past 3 years. John Doss has step forward to fill Rob’s shoes. If you have suggestions for future programs feel free to contact him at program@azflycasters.com. Following is the schedule for 2017 – 2018


January   12 Chris Cantrell, AZGFD – John Rohmer & Glen Knight, White Mountains
February 9  Mike Kaul, Two Rivers Emporium, Wyoming
March 9  Jason Randall, What Fish See
 April 13  Brad Shallenberger, Wolf Creek Anglers, Colorado
 May 11 Cole Glenn, San Juan Anglers,  Durango, CO
 June 8  AZKayak and Motorless Anglers
 July 13  Kevin Krai, Orvis Store Manager
 Aug 10 Tracy Stephans, AZGFD Native Trout and Chub Coordinator
 Sept 14 Doug Bobb, Advance Fly Fishing 303
 Oct 12  Jack Houck, Fly Fishing the Rim Lakes of AZ
 Nov 9 Peter Stitcher Aquatic Biologist & Chief Fly Geek
 Dec 14  Cinda Howard, about “Fly Fishing the Lakes and Streams of the White Mountains”.

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