2016 NAU Scholarship Award winner – Harlan TSO

harlan_tso2In 2002 Arizona Flycasters established a scholarship endowment to honor one of its long time members, Chick Scott.  Later, another outstanding past member, Dario Travaini was added to the scholarship’s name.  Annually, Arizona Flycasters awards a scholarship to a deserving student at Northern Arizona University.

Arizona Flycasters is proud to announce the latest recipient of the Chick Scott & Dario Travaini Memorial Scholarship Fund at Northern Arizona University, Harlan Tso.  The successful recipient must express a passion for biology as it relates to fish management, fisheries, or conservation as well meeting academic standards.  Harlan has met all the requirements as well as being an avid fly fisherman.  Harlan is a native american Navajo indian who was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Blue Gap, Arizona.

After high school, he served a 4 years of  active duty in the United States Marine Corp.  He currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona with his wife, Lily-Ann Tso.  He is currently enrolled in the Forestry Program at NAU and plans to obtain a certificate in Wildlife Management and Fish Management.  His studies include a year long study of the native fish species of Northern Arizona.  He is currently doing research with native chubs to test their metabolism.  He has a passion for fly fishing and frequents Oak Creek and Beaver Creek.

Arizona Flycasters is proud to have such a talented and enthusiastic recipient of our scholarship for 2016.

Congratulations Harlan TSO